Corn Cooking

Enjoy the Mexican culinary riches,
made with our emblematic ingredient, corn.


Lobster stuffed ravioli

Delight your palate with the taste of lobster
and travel through the region of Baja


Chile Ancho Hojaldrado

Exquisite taste and textures
that will give you a tour of the gastronomy
of the central region of Mexico.


Pulpo Zarandeado

Enjoy the taste of the Pacific
with a sample of the exquisite food
of the Mexican coast.


Black Mole

Enjoy the pure taste of Oaxaca's gastronomy
with one of their typical dishes.


Tastes like Mexico

A culinary journey through the different regions
of Mexico, through ingredients, flavors,
textures and smells that will lead you to live a
authentic gastronomic experience.


Coffee to be proud

Taste our delicious coffee accompanied by Mexican snacks.

Our approach

Millenary cuisine

Enjoy a journey through the past to the present of the Mexican culture, passing through different civilizations, each with its peculiarities. We unite the six regions of Mexico, extolling its type of cuisine and ingredients, their different ways of preparation and dishes, always keeping the differentiating flavors of each one.


Sala del café (Coffee Room)


Sala Gastronómica


Anthropology Museum


Sala Gastronómica is ran by Grupo CMR, Havre 30, Colonia Juárez, Del Cuauhtémoc, México D.F. Product prices to be defined at the restaurant.